Our Story

To all the swimwear I’ve loved before,

There is nothing quite like finding a bikini that fits you perfectly, makes you feel confident, and stays put during your adventures. It has always been my dream to emulate this feeling of finding a perfect bikini for others. Growing up I was always in a bikini, whether is was the sea, a lake, or the pool, there was no way anyone could get me out of the water. I always felt like my truest self when I was salty from the sea, on the beach in a bikini. As I grew up and fell in love with surfing, my love for swimwear grew. 

Being a swimwear enthusiast for so many years and a customer, I know what it’s like to drop a lot of money on a great quality suit that will last and make you feel confident and radiant. At ElleSea Ray we’ve aimed to create a swimwear line that will do just that, but won’t break the bank. I wanted to create something that was more than a just a bikini. I wanted to create a community, a sisterhood. A place  where you feel safe, one where you feel loved, and where you are encouraged to be exactly who you are.  As a surfer, I understand the struggle of finding a suit that won’t budge. I designed this collection with years of experience as a consumer. I bought swimwear to ensure that my bathing suits would move with me through adventure. Now I’ve created swimwear that will stick during your adventures!


ElleSea Ray Swimwear is named after my Grandmother, Elsie Ray Cohen. My Grandma Elsie started her own flooring business after a divorce with nothing but a few rolls of carpet and barely a penny to her name. She would do anything to support her family and she never gave up hope and the drive to do so. Because of Elsie Ray, my family would not be where they are today. She has inspired me to pursue this dream of mine and to never give up. In her honor, I am dedicating this to my Grandmother to thank her for all her sacrifices and hard work as a female entrepreneur in not only a time when that was rare but also in a very male dominated field.

For those who: Get up when they fall. Support one another and lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. Crave adventure. Are bound to the sea. Chase their dreams and make them reality. ElleSea Ray is dedicated to you.